3D Cell Culture Gel, incl. P720S-2, P720M-2, P720H-2

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    3D Cell Culture Gel, incl. P720S-2, P720M-2, P720H-2

    Product description

    Col-Tgel is a tailorable collagen-based hydrogel that formed solid substrate after cross-linking. It is a promising biomaterial overcomes many limitations imposed by other substrate systems. Unlike other substrate system, Col-Tgel is operated at room temperature. It not only can be used a carrier for cell or drug delivery, but also in vitro cell culture platforms. Besides, it contains cell essential nutrients for cell survival, and provides a stable and durable platform for long-term studies such as cell-cell, cell-matrix interactions and etc. Moreover, cells can either be seeded on top of gel (2D) or embedded inside the gel (3D). The size of Col-Tgel can be modified for different assays. Other matrix proteins, growth factors, hormones or cytokines can be included depending on the experimental design. The biocompatibility and excellent transparency of the Col-Tgel allow a direct observation under a light microscope, and direct staining to avoid tedious steps such as sectioning and antigen retrieval. Other protein, RNA and DNA assays can also be performed to characterize the encapsulated cells in Col-Tgel. For different cell types, Col-Tgel is available in three different stiffness (i.e., Soft, Med and Stiff) with varies matrix yield strength ranged from 1kPa to 40kPa. Figure 1 demonstrates the recommended Col-Tgel matrix for different cell types.

    Additional Required Instruments or Material 

    • 0.25% trypsin 
    • Phosphate buffer saline (PBS) 
    • Benchtop microcentrifuge 
    • 37˚C water bath tank 
    • Sterilized 2mL centrifuge tubes 
    • 48- well- suspension plate (without tissue culture treated) or other none tissue culture treated dishes. (Purchased from Greiner Bio-One, Cat.677102, VWR Cat.25384-088, or VWR Cat.25384-090)
    • Medium: Cell culture medium supplemented with 10% serum
    • Autoclaved, distilled water


    Sample preparation

    1. Prepare the required materials (see above).

    2. Thaw Component A at 55˚C and Component B at room temperature. Note: Do not open Component A and Component B outside sterilized cell culture hood.

    3. Briefly spin Component vial before open the cap. Component B is lyophilized white powder. Add 100 µL autoclaved, distilled H2O to one Component B vial to reconstitute the Component B. Mix well by vortex and inverting the vial, till all white powder is dissolved. Quick spin to collect the solution at the bottom of the vial.