MyBlock™ Mini Dry Bath, 100-240V (EU plug) - 1 unit
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The myBlock Mini Digital Dry Bath Series from Benchmark Scientific is designed to provide efficient and precise temperature control for a variety of laboratory applications. Here are the detailed features and specifications:

### Key Features
1. **Compact Design:**
- The myBlock Mini is designed to fit on any crowded benchtop, making it ideal for laboratories with limited space.

2. **Versions Available:**
- **Heat Only:** For applications requiring heating.
- **Heat & Cool:** For applications requiring both heating and cooling.

3. **Exchangeable Blocks:**
- The unit supports a variety of exchangeable blocks, accommodating tube sizes from 0.2 to 50 ml. This versatility allows it to be used for a wide range of sample sizes and types.

4. **Digital Control:**
- Features a simple touchpad interface for setting and controlling temperature parameters digitally, ensuring accuracy and ease of use.

5. **Program Linking (Cooling Model Only):**
- The cooling model allows the user to link two consecutive programs, providing more complex temperature control protocols when needed.

6. **Custom Blocks:**
- Custom blocks are available upon request, enabling the unit to be tailored to specific laboratory requirements.

7. **Blocks Sold Separately:**
- The heating/cooling blocks are sold separately, allowing users to purchase only the blocks that they need for their specific applications.

### Specifications for BSH200 Model
- **Model:** BSH200
- **Temperature Range:**
- Heat Only Model: Typically from ambient +5°C to 100°C
- Heat & Cool Model: Typically from -10°C to 100°C (varies depending on the block and ambient conditions)
- **Temperature Accuracy:** ±0.5°C
- **Temperature Uniformity:** ±0.2°C
- **Block Options:** Blocks available for 0.2 ml tubes, 0.5 ml tubes, 1.5/2.0 ml tubes, 5 ml tubes, 15 ml tubes, 50 ml tubes, and custom options.
- **Control Interface:** Digital touchpad for easy setting and monitoring of temperature.
- **Dimensions:** Compact footprint to save benchtop space.

### Applications
- **Molecular Biology:**
- Ideal for DNA, RNA, and protein incubation and other molecular biology protocols.
- **Biochemistry:**
- Suitable for enzyme reactions and other biochemical assays.
- **Clinical:**
- Can be used for sample preparation and incubation in clinical laboratories.

### Additional Notes
- The myBlock Mini Digital Dry Bath is known for its reliability and precision, making it a trusted choice for many scientific and medical laboratories.
- The availability of both heating and cooling options allows for a broad range of experimental conditions and protocols.
- The ability to customize blocks ensures that the device can meet unique and specific experimental needs.

For more information or to place an order, it is advisable to contact Benchmark Scientific directly or visit their official website.

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